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Want to Test Drive Microsoft Office 365?

Join Intivix October 10th at the Microsoft Store in San Francisco

For many of you, the huge benefits and advantages of having your workplace connected via the Office 365 suite is already a reality. For those of you who’ve heard about how Microsoft Office 365 is transforming business productivity for the better – you may want to join Intivix at the Microsoft Store in San Francisco on Tuesday, Oct. 10th.

Many of you may say, “Well, I can just download the latest version of MS Office 365. Why do I need to be there in person?”

The simple answer is, because of the Full Experience of “Anytime Collaboration,” and the added factor of being live, in-person with Intivix cloud solutions experts who will offer up a comprehensive tutorial on Office 365 features, benefits, and how-tos.

Test Drive Before You Buy

We all know that you don’t buy a car prior to test-driving it. Likewise, you shouldn’t buy the first Microsoft Office 365 package you see and install it, expecting to be able to instantly begin reaping all its benefits.

You need experts guiding you on all of Office 365’s features, benefits, applications, and data management ins and outs.

You need a company like Intivix to guide you through the sometimes confusing labyrinth of today’s software and cloud computing solutions.

The popularity of Office 365 is causing some company owners to just blindly buy whatever they find online without understanding key points about how it works.

Intivix’ cloud computing and Microsoft specialists will help you avoid that.

Put It on Your Calendar: October 10th – Microsoft Store, San Francisco

Join us on Tuesday, October 10th for a hands-on experience with Microsoft Office 365.

A certified Microsoft Office 365 facilitator will guide you through a “test drive” so you can learn firsthand how Office 365 will empower you and your organization to get more done and overcome common business challenges.

Where: These Microsoft Office 365 Sessions will be held at:

The Microsoft Store – Westfield San Francisco Centre
  845 Market St #257
San Francisco, CA 94103

When: Tue, Oct 10 from 11am – 3pm PST

Lunch: October 10 -12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Read enough, and want to register for the event? Our Microsoft Office 365 tutorial and test drive session is open to all small businesses and corporations in San Francisco. To reserve your spot, click the register button found at the top of our page headed, “Want to Test Drive Microsoft Office 365?”.

A Customized Office 365 Experience

Your experience October 10th will be customized so you can explore at your own pace. You will learn all of the many benefits and features of Microsoft Office 365, including how you can:

  • Improve client relationships: Test out tools that put your client information and sales leads right at your fingertips.
  • Get intelligence on the fly: See how Microsoft Power BI will help you quickly zero in on the data you need, manage sales and maximize ROI.
  • Collaborate and communicate: With Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype you can boost productivity and communication across your organization. Share information, documents and collaborate in real-time.
  • Get Mobile: We live in a mobile world. Learn how mobile technologies and Office 365 are shaping the way businesses become “mobile friendly.”

Want to focus on the products and solutions that can help you? – Discover firsthand how Microsoft Solutions can solve some of your biggest business challenges?

Together, Microsoft and Intivix will provide immediate value to your organization via our Microsoft Office 365 help that will optimize your workplace collaboration capacity and productivity.

Maximize Your Employee Output

Because not all companies are equal in the area of IT systems and software know-how, you need expert guidance. Admittedly, many companies are totally lost in the dark without software specialists like ours to show in very comprehensive, easy-to-understand terms just how cloud computing software programs like Microsoft Office 365 can end their productivity problems and streamline their employee output.

Need Help with Office 365 Pricing?

We’ll cover that, too. By the end of our October 10th tutorial, you’ll know exactly which Office 365 package and price is right for your business size and requirements.

Have Microsoft 365 Email Questions?

No problem. Our Office 365 specialists will provide all the information you’ll need on Office 365 email migration to Exchange cloud and will answer any questions you may have concerning Microsoft 365 email at the event.

We Have the Microsoft Office 365 Business Answers You Need

Be sure not to miss this inclusive MS 365 event! Join us on Tuesday, October 10th for a live experience that will help you “get” Microsoft Office 365 fully.

For more information contact us at (415) 543 1033. Our Microsoft Office 365 tutorial and “test drive” session is by invitation only. To reserve your place, click the register button found at the top of our page headed, “Want to Test Drive Microsoft Office 365?” – and, we’ll see you there!