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The Five Biggest Benefits of Windows 10 (that we know about so far)

Microsoft swung for the fences and largely struck out with their previous OS, Windows 8, but early reviews on Windows 10 have been positive thus far. The software giant’s OS upgrade doesn’t launch until sometime in July of this year, but we have already seen a plethora of cool tips and tricks that could do wonders for those who shunned Windows 8.


If there is one thing that aggravated people about Windows 8 it was the fact that it wasn’t inherently easy to use, nor was it a very flexible operating system.

So far, early testing with the beta version of Windows 10 has given us quite a few cool tweaks and tricks. Much of it involves getting into some of the source file system and adding a few new lines of code, but it’s easy enough and the returns of what you can potentially do are amazing.

Along those same lines, Windows 10 seems to have done a fantastic job of making it a bit easier to poke around under the hood by easily being able to change settings for built-in features. For example, you can customize your desktop mode by sticking with a more traditional look and feel or enabling “tablet mode”. Additionally, you can also expand the Start menu to full screen and customize it to your hearts content.

Virtual Desktops

While shifting open applications around on various desktops isn’t exactly a new thing, Windows 10 has made great strides in making it even easier to shift things around into very specific areas on your virtual desktops.

While you can still use the Windows Key + Tab, or Alt + Tab to jump between open apps across your desktops – now all you have to do is right click on the program you’d like to move and choose where you want it to go.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make life so much easier for those of us that spend a vast amount of our time in front of a computer screen. Windows 10 has added all sorts of neat new tricks to make getting things done with a push of a button or two.

These new shortcuts are specific to Windows 10 and allow an assortment of things such as task view, switching to recent windows, snapping windows together, creating a new virtual desktop, closing a virtual desktop, switching between virtual desktops, and much more.

Scheduled Restarts (Finally!)

No more having those pesky system updates interrupt your workflow or being able to actually use your system before they’ve been installed, or are finished installing – which always requires a lengthy restart (in most cases).

All you have to do to take advantage of this better late than never new feature is open Settings through the Start menu, head over to Updates and Recovery > Windows Update and voila – choose a custom restart time.


With great power comes great responsibility.

Why Microsoft did away with GodMode in the first place is beyond our tiny human brain, but the legendary feature makes its triumphant return in Windows 10.

This feature was a hidden staple for Windows power users way back when and activating this hidden gem will reveal a user menu that brings together all of your system’s settings and configuration options under one roof, or folder – whatever.

In order to activate it all you have to do is create a new folder and rename it:


Yes, you do have to include the period after “GodMode”.