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Three Easy Shortcuts for Working in Word

If you’re like most busy professionals, you use Microsoft Word on a daily basis for work and at home. It is the main word processing program now being used all over the world. And like many users, you may be trying to squeeze 12 hours’ worth of work into 8 hours. That has become the norm in many workplaces. People need their jobs, so they don’t gripe about it, but it really does stress you out to be overwhelmed with work you know you can’t complete in a day’s time.


Shortcuts are a good remedy for this problem. If you can find a few shortcuts around the massive freeway traffic, you can shave time off your commute. But what about Word shortcuts? We’ve all heard of them but most of us are only using a handful.

Below we will go over three easy Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts.

Highlight, Copy & Paste

This is probably one shortcut you use a lot but let’s go over these anyway for those who may not know. From anywhere in a document, you can press Control A to highlight text. Next, press Control C to copy that text. Finally, press Control V to paste the text. You can copy and paste text from any document to another one.

microsoft word screenshot 1

microsoft word screenshot 2

Control O
Control O will open up all your recently used documents. Of course, you can go File > Recent, but that takes a few seconds longer. Once you get in the habit of using this one, you’ll love the convenience it offers.

microsoft word screenshot 3

Control P
This is a quick way to print a document. It saves times because you don’t have to go to File > Print. It opens the Print page so you can still change “Printer Properties” if you need to. Be sure you have selected the right printer to use and the right number of copies.

Bonus Shortcuts

Once you get the hang of using shortcuts in Word, you’ll never go back to the old way of doing things. There’s practically a shortcut key for anything that you would normally do inside a Word doc.

Insert Hyperlinks
One thing many workers do when writing an article or even an email is insert a hyperlink. This can be time-consuming, so learning the keyboard shortcut is a real time saver. Simply highlight the text you want to link to, then press Control K. Paste the destination URL into the box and you’re all set.

Open New Document
Did you ever have a bunch of interesting information you found on a website that you wanted to save in a Word doc? Just press Control N to open a new blank Word document. Now you can press Control V to paste your text into it. Don’t forget to save the doc under a unique name that will remind you of what it is.

Bolding Text
Maybe you’d like to set your subtitles apart from the rest of the text with bolding. This makes a document appear more attractive and professional and it’s easy to do with shortcuts. Highlight the text, then press Control B. This one is easy to remember: B for Bold!

Changing Fonts
Perhaps you’re typing along and you realize that the font you’re using doesn’t look as good as you’d like. It’s easy to change that. Simply press Control D to open the Font Preferences window. Now you can scroll down and choose whatever font you like.

Finding Words in a Document
You can waste a lot of time scrolling through a document searching for a string of text. If you know one of the words, then press Control F to open the “Find” navigation pane. Now type the word into the search box and all the mentions of that word will come up.

Save your Document
You’re probably already using this one but it’s so helpful. Control S will save the current document you’re working on. You can also use Shift + F12 to save a doc.

Undo Last Action
Did you just make a mistake that you’d like to undo? It’s easy when you know the shortcut. Just press Control Z and your last action is undone. Do-overs can be great!

Using Italics
This is another easy shortcut that you’ll have no trouble remembering. If you need to use italics to set a quote or other text off, then highlight the text and press Control I. If you change your mind, you can undo this simply by pressing Control I again while the text is still highlighted. Of course, you could use Control Z to undo your last action as well. So many shortcuts, so little time.

Cheat Sheets
As you can see, there are numerous shortcuts in Word that we should all be using. This is something that is easy, saves time and it’s quick to implement. If you’d like to get really good at using shortcuts, then one way is to make a list of all the shortcuts you’d like to learn, then print it out and keep it handy on your desk. Once you’ve used a shortcut a few times, you won’t need the cheat sheet anymore.