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Top 4 Benefits of Flat Rate IT

Many business owners start their companies with the “do it all myself” mindset. You might think you are saving money by figuring out everything that needs to be done to start, run, and maintain your business but the reality is you are wasting time and losing profits by trying to juggle so many things at the same time. In fact, the business owner or manager who insists on doing everything themselves is actually preventing the business from achieving goals and higher levels of success.

Flat Rate IT, also called Managed Services, is a technology solution designed to give you back the time you need to grow your business and eliminate technology issues in your office.

Do you spend hours troubleshooting your technology problems? Leave your technology to the experts – not only will it operate the way it’s supposed to and save you money, but the time you save can be put to good use increasing revenue for your organization. Think you can’t afford a dedicated IT team? Think again – here are the top 4 benefits of flat rate IT services:

  1. Improve Efficiency and Increase Productivity

When you use a flat rate IT solution, all of your technology needs are taken care of for you. This means you can operate your business more efficiently, as your technology will work exactly the way you need it to and when you need it. Not having to wait for a broken printer or for the network to work helps your employees use their time more wisely, increasing the overall productivity of the workplace.

  1. Increased Security

Businesses without an IT department are generally lacking in the security department. Even if you have IT people on your payroll, they may be so bogged down with help desk requests from other employees that they don’t have the time needed to dedicate to securing your network against hackers, viruses, thieves, and malware. Having a flat rate IT solution increases your security as your network is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for problems or potential security breaches.

  1. Time to Focus on Business Growth

With a flat rate IT solution monitoring your network and maintaining your office technology, you and your employees can focus on the activities your business does to generate revenue. You don’t have to worry about troubleshooting IT issues, updating software, or coming into the office to find your entire network is down! You just come into work, and get right to work. Flat Rate IT solutions enable business owners and team members to reach their business goals faster.

  1. Technology Expenses You Can Budget For

One of the worst things about technology is paying to have it fixed when it isn’t working properly. Without a flat rate IT solution, if something breaks you first have to diagnose the problem, which can take many hours and a variety of technology consultants or vendors looking at the issue. Once the problem is diagnosed, you have to pay for new equipment or labor for repair and when all is said and done – you could be in for some sticker shock when you receive the repair bill! Having a flat rate IT solution for your office means you know exactly how much your technology is going to cost you, each and every month. You pay the same amount per month, so you can budget for the cost and manage your finances better.