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Intivix Recognized by Clutch as a Top IT Company

San Francisco IT CompanyWe have recently been recognized as a top provider of  managed IT services by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform that businesses can use to find technology services and solutions.  While we already have several client testimonials on our site, we wanted to go above and beyond to have Clutch validate our exceptional reputation. Some of our most loyal clients who’ve already published video testimonials were also gracious enough to share their experiences with Clutch analysts.

During those interviews with clients, analysts get a firsthand account of how companies, like us, deliver on our promises. This published research lets users compare our services to those of our competitors. In addition to the in-depth interview, the evaluation also includes an examination of our industry experience and market presence.

Intivix has been happily serving San Francisco’s local businesses for the past 20 years. Our longstanding goal is to help our clients optimize their digital solutions and produce long-lasting value. Collecting client feedback helps us improve our core processes and encourages our team to remain focused on meaningful outcomes.

San Francisco IT Companies

One of our longest standing clients is a CEO of an interior design firm. We have been working with him for 18 years to keep all of his software needs up to date and transition part of his portfolio to the cloud. He has this to say about us:

“There is a degree of sophistication in how Intivix manages staff — we have the same person coming every single week. He knows where our switches, computers, and screens are, and also the names of our employees and so on. He’s a member of the team, which is very cool.”

Another client, Greg Mayland, who runs a local vet clinic mentioned that he was impressed with our 24/7 support. His five-star review has this to say:

They’re willing to do off-hour projects for us without tightening the bill, which is great. We are very confident in their engineers. When they say they’re going to do a project and tell me how it’s going to happen, there aren’t any surprises. They’re very good at preparing me for what to expect. They don’t just do what is convenient for them like our previous provider did.”

We’re genuinely appreciative of the candid feedback we received and the critical role that Clutch has played in making this a reality. You can check out more of our great reviews on our Clutch profile page and you can also see more of our case studies here.