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Travel Like You Mean It, With These Gadgets and Apps

The official start to summer is right around the corner, June 21. Summer typically brings with it great memories, more time outdoors and, oftentimes travel and vacations! Whether you are traveling for work, with family, with friends or solo, having a great gadget or application (app) can help make your travel or vacation that much more enjoyable. We’ve taken a look at some of the best travel planner apps. Of course, since we are an IT consulting firm, the gadgets and apps that we think are worth checking out have more of a technology flair to them.Travel technology 1

Travel/Vacation Apps

Travel Technology 2

FLIO: Not only does this app keep you up-to-date on flight and gate status, but it also acts as an airport guide, providing you with gate locations, food options, and terminal maps. There are also in-app discounts and vouchers from companies that they’ve partnered with. If airport travel is in your future, this app is worth checking out.

travel technology 5

App in the Air: Another great app to keep you on time for flights, App in the Air keeps track of your travel items includes itineraries, boarding passes, and frequent-flier programs. And, best of all, it shows current wait times for check-in, security, and customs!

travel technology 6

My TSA: Stay informed of current TSA information with the My TSA app. The app also provides insights on how to prepare for, and get through the security checkpoint quickly and has a searchable database of items that can and can’t go in checked or carry-on bags.

travel technology 8

Citymapper: Serving major cities, and adding more as they go, this app offers travel information to visitors. Hop on the app and let them know your starting and ending location in a specific city, and the app will give you directions, and the best way to get there (rail, ferry, trolley and more). The app also offers maps to help you explore on your own.

travel technology 10

Culture Trip: If you’re looking to explore a specific city, this app is for you. Simply type in the city that you will be visiting, and it presents you with multiple articles highlighting things to see and do, restaurants, guides, tips and more. It’s a great way to find something unexpected.

travel technology 11

Google Translate: If you need a little help in language translation, check out this app. Google Translate can translate what you speak, write, type, or even take a picture of, all from the comfort of your phone.

travel technology 13

Roadtrippers: If a road trip is in your future, this app will help you locate unique places to stop along the way. From museums to restaurants to the outdoors to attractions, this app will give you plenty of options to make your road trip more than a drive.

travel technology 15

Waze: Another great app if you are traveling by car. Waze features real-time data from other drivers including traffic information, accidents and when you might be approaching a police officer. And, since the information is community-driven, you have the opportunity to provide updates to other Waze users too.

travel technology 15

Gas Buddy: Depending on your vehicle, a road trip might mean a stop at a gas station or two. Use Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas in the city you are in. Data is updated in real-time, so no matter when you are driving, you’ll be able to find the cheapest gas.

travel technology 17

OpenTable: Although this isn’t a new app, it is absolutely helpful when you are traveling or vacationing in a new city. Let OpenTable find a restaurant for you based on the cuisine you are interested in, and when you would like to dine. The app provides multiple options, and you select the restaurant that looks the most appealing to you!

Travel/Vacation Gadgets

travel technology 18

Skyroam Solis: A portable WiFi option that also acts as a power charging station. You’ll have access to fast WiFi and be able to charge your gadgets while on the go!
travel technology 19

Vago: Save space in your luggage by compressing your clothes. This mini and very portable travel compressor will help you shrink your clothes, allowing you to travel extra light, or be ready to bring souvenirs home.

Tarriss Digital Lugtravel technology 16gage Scale: No one likes paying for overweight luggage. This handy scale helps you avoid those fees by enabling you to weigh your luggage before you get to the airport.

travel technology 20

GoTenna Mesh: If you plan on traveling somewhere “off the grid”, then check out the GoTenna Mesh. You’ll be able to send text and GPS locations without cell or WiFi, keeping you safe and connected, even on an outdoor adventure.

travel technology 4PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger: This cool gadget is solar-powered and functions as both a lantern and a phone charger. It’s great for camping and outdoor adventures, and for helping to ensure your devices have power.

travel technology 3

All in One Universal USB Travel Power Adapter: If you are traveling abroad, a universal travel power adapter is a must. Travel adapters are compatible with electrical outlets in other countries, which means your devices can stay charged, regardless of the country you are traveling in.

So, there you have it. A round-up of some of the gadgets and apps available to help your traveling adventures or vacation be more enjoyable. Which one will you try first?

If you’re interested in apps and tools that will help you stay safer online, and save you time, we have a few insights for you!