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What has 2 Companies, Travels the World, & has Unlimited Talent? Dan Gordon

Some people exude passion. Passion for their family, for their work, and for their hobbies. If you have the opportunity to meet or chat with Dan Gordon, his passion will shine through within the first few minutes of your conversation. It’s in his voice, and in how he describes things. And it’s an important quality to have in a leader.

Dan is one of the Intivix Co-Founders and an Intivix Partner. Yep, Dan, and Rob Schenk are the two that started it all. What started as a “break and fix” IT company has evolved into what Intivix is today, providing managed services, co-managed IT consulting, and cybersecurity services. And that wasn’t by accident. Dan and Rob had a plan for the company and intentionally worked towards the execution of that plan. Part of that plan included being slightly less traditional and developing a progressive, open, and cohesive IT culture.

Dan initially began his career on the accounting side before transitioning over to the IT field. His IT background even includes supporting an organization when they connected to the internet for the very first time, 25 years ago. Over the years, he supported the networks of a number of organizations, prior to starting his own IT consulting business. This foundational IT consulting work was part of the catalyst for joining forces with Rob in 2007, and as they say, the rest is history.

Today, Dan remains a Partner at Intivix but isn’t involved in day-to-day activities. In 2014, Dan and Rob started another business, MyWorkDrive. If you can’t tell, Dan has that entrepreneurial spirit. It seems to be in his bones. Success for Dan is being able to pass the baton off to someone else. Seeing others succeed and continue to grow a business is a visual that he appreciates.

Although not a native of California, Dan has been living here since the early ’90s. He grew up in Wisconsin, where he spent some time on his grandma’s farm. As he grew up, he started to dabble in building and began to appreciate architecture. He’s fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright and the many structures that he has built. He even used Frank Lloyd Wright as inspiration to fix up and sell a “cookie-cutter” home to fund his move to California many years ago.

It was in California where he met his now-husband, Ray. Dan and Ray have been together for 27 years and enjoy exploring the outdoors together. Although less so today, their earlier years were spent camping, hiking, and taking mini-trips. Today, they both run, one to stay active, and the other to complete ultra-marathons, and look forward to traveling in the future. Europe, New Zealand, Australia are all on their travel list. Partly for the culture and the food, and partly to explore what these areas have to offer. Although their preference is to travel abroad, you may catch them planning a trip back to Wisconsin, to taste-test Kringle, the state pastry.

On a day-to-day basis, however, these two like to stick close to home and enjoy time with friends. Weekend BBQ’s, going out to a local restaurant or movie, or staying in to “Netflix and chill” are all ways they like to relax and unwind.

Dan is also a guy that likes to tinker around on various items and projects. Even as a child, his mom would catch him working on old radios and televisions, primarily to understand how they worked. That hasn’t changed much for Dan as he continues to enjoy working with his hands to fix things. This includes old cars. Dan is a bit of a car guy. As a child, he used to buy old junkers and fix them up. More recently he fixed up and refinished a 1974 BMW 2002. And, truth be told, he’s currently looking for his next car project.

Remodeling and fixing up homes is also of interest to Dan. In addition to the first house he fixed up in Wisconsin, he and Ray remodeled a house in Berkeley by pushing out the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom, and incorporating a few other modifications. They’ve also remodeled a number of aspects on their current home and even added solar panels. It wouldn’t be surprising if Dan ventured into real estate or flipping houses at some point in the future. It’s tinkering on another level, which Dan seems to enjoy.

Although he’s not a mantra kind of guy, Dan is a guy that believes in hard work and in creating your own success. Part of success though is helping others. Helping others to achieve what they are capable of gives Dan joy. And that includes the team at Intivix, clients, and pretty much anyone he comes in contact with.