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Tricks to Increase Workplace Productivity

Keeping up productivity in an office environment can prove to be a challenging task. After all, your full time employees spend over 40 hours a week with each other. Over time, it is bound to happen that a certain ambiance sets in. Staff can become relaxed, which results in reduced workplace productivity. Here are some tips to boost productivity without breaking the bank:

Open Floor Plans Boost Performance

Many companies are choosing to keep an open office floor plan. In years past it was common to see cubicles with high walls. Of course, the idea was to give each employee their own space where they feel comfortable. The idea behind this was that staff would feel accommodated by being given their own little room. One unexpected result of this was that employees then felt isolated. High cubicle walls inhibit communication and prevent employees from collaborating and working together.
A solution to this is to create an open office. Eliminate cubicles and simply provide employees with their desk space. By exposing your employees to each other they will develop better relationships. An added bonus to this is that they will no longer have the privacy and comfort of the walls around them. Staff will increase productivity because it will be very obvious when they are not doing work.

Motivate, Recognize, Reward!

Once your employees know that they are accountable to each other as well as to you, they are likely going to want to prove how valuable they are. An open office floor plan is a great way to establish a way to check in with employees without having them feel as though they are being micromanaged.

Many employers have implemented a system which allows employees to be recognized and awarded for meeting goals and putting in hard work. Often times, employees who excel are allowed to attend conferences or trainings, which benefits the company two fold. Initially, the company benefits from employees that are highly productive, as they strive to receive rewards. Second, the company benefits by providing additional training which doubles as the reward.

It’s important for businesses to continue to seek out ways to help their employees feel appreciated and valued. When employees know that they are being recognized they will be sure to pay more mind to their job performance. When employers do not take time out to ensure workplace productivity, their staff can check out and give just enough to keep from being reprimanded. Worse, without recognition and rewards employees may look for a new job.