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Uncovering The Layers. Get To Know Stephen.

Consistently observing, learning, and absorbing information. This seems to be Stephen Talley’s approach to the world around him, and it’s an approach that stems from his childhood and carries over into today.

Stephen is a Project Engineer at Intivix and has been with the team for nearly seven years. As a Project Engineer, he has the opportunity to work with a number of our clients and support them on a variety of projects, including some that skew a tad more challenging. For Stephen, though, these different types of projects offer up the ability to not only help clients but also dig in and learn.

His technology background began in his younger years. As with many kids, he played video games on computers with friends. Eventually, though, he and his friends started to take things a bit further and modify the games. That became the jumping-off point for computers and technology, which took him through college and into a technology career path as well. But technology is just one side of Stephen.

He is a Traveler.

Stephen is a traveler. He loves visiting new locations and immersing himself in the variety and differences that make the location and culture what it is. Peru, for example, is one of his more recent trips. The trip included exploring the Amazon, ceviche, the impacts of altitude on physical performance, and Machu Picchu, the Incan citadel in the Andes Mountains. Talk about a beautiful experience! He has been fortunate to be able to travel to a variety of places in Europe, Central America, Québec, Japan, and Peru with friends and family. He travels light after a memorable experience losing his luggage in Japan. If you asked him though he would tell you that you do not have to go far to see wonders; the State and National Parks we have here in the US are unmatched treasures.  

In addition to these travels, Stephen spent a year living in American Samoa when he was younger. Diving, snorkeling, exploring the islands, and eating pineapples right out of his front yard, were just a few of his pastimes. The beaches provided a great way for Stephen to use his competitive swimming experience, that he picked up when he was a child.

Throw in a little Dancing and Cooking

Stephen is also quite the dancer. It’s a skill he picked up during his college years. Ballroom, swing, and west coast swing are all part of his repertoire. Although he’s not out dancing as frequently as he used to, he can still pull out his moves occasionally, especially when he and his girlfriend, Rachel, have the chance to go dancing. They’ve been together around three years and enjoy spending time outdoors. You may catch them camping or backpacking when Stephen is pried off the computer.  Their most recent trip was to the Grand Canyon and Havasu Falls.

Rachel loves to bake cheesecakes, which balances out Stephen’s interest in cooking. He doesn’t stick to a specific cuisine, rather he dabbles in a variety of cuisines from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.  He greatly appreciates the concept of “mise en place” in and out of the kitchen.

And when he needs a little downtime, books are his go-to. Fiction, non-fiction, technical reference materials, he’ll read them all. His current read is a non-fiction book titled, “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City” by Matthew Desmond. Certainly, not a light read, but an eye-opener.

Stephen may keep most of these activities close to the vest, but he’s an open book with his genuine desire to support clients. He enjoys helping them with their IT challenges and believes in the Intivix approach that clients are partners.

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