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The Most Under-rated iPhone Feature

One of our favorite iPhone features – and arguably the most under-rated – is AirDrop.

Available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, AirDrop allows you to easily and securely share images, files, Voice Memos, videos, and more.

By using AirDrop, users can share items of any size with nearby devices. We repeat, any size.

Instead of wasting time trying to send files that fit Google’s 25MB size limit, use AirDrop.

Don’t have the internet to email a document? Use AirDrop.

“You might think you need a wireless network or cell service to send things because your iPhone will prompt you to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before you use AirDrop,” explains Joe Tonelli of Gizmodo, “but that isn’t the case. Once Bluetooth senses another device nearby, you’re in business.”

 This is just one of the many incredible miracles that is AirDrop.

Here’s how it works:

Make sure that you and the person you’re sending to has Bluetooth turned on and their Personal Hotspot turned off.

Adjust your receiving settings to Contacts Only or Everyone as you see fit.

When sending items to a person with Contacts Only, the recipient will need to have your email address or phone number in your contact card.

These settings can be adjusted at any time by going to Settings, tap General, and then AirDrop.

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to share with AirDrop.

Open the app or photo you want to send and click the Share button and then AirDrop. The names of nearby contacts and devices will appear, tap the user you want to share with.

If your contacts are not appearing in the AirDrop interface, you can turn Wi-Fi, AirDrop, or Bluetooth on and off or temporarily switch to Everyone mode.

When receiving an AirDrop, a preview will pop-up with the option to select Accept or Decline. If accepted, the items will appear in the app in which they were sent. For example, photos will populate in the Photos app.

To set up AirDrop on Mac, you need to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on.

Open Spotlight Search, search and click on AirDrop. A window with the AirDrop radar-like symbol will appear, as well as nearby contacts with Airdrop enabled. You can also access AirDrop by clicking on the Share button.

You can then drag and drop images, files, documents – whatever you want to share – onto the user you want to share this with.

When Airdropping items to yourself, make sure both devices are signed in with the same Apple ID.

If you encounter any issues, you can click Don’t see who you’re looking for at the bottom of the window and then Search for An Older Mac.

With that, you’ll be able to quickly share items large and small with nearby users.

Share away, our friends!