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The Unsung Heroes

Do you have a hero that you want to Salute?

Here at Intivix, we want to salute “the unsung heroes.”


There are many people working behind the scenes, who taken together, create our modern life experience, along with the conveniences it brings. At times, though, we may take these efforts for granted or not give them much thought.

While we are safe in our homes during this “Shelter in Place,” there are #hiddenheroes out there, making sure that we still have food, water, and yes, even toilet paper.  You have nurses, doctors, and many medical professionals risking themselves for the greater good. You have grocery store clerks stocking the shelves as food comes in for us to buy.  You have truck drivers hauling loads across the country, getting essential supplies to stores and hospitals.  You have public services, making sure people stay safe indoors, helping with crowd control in the grocery stores.

Thank you to our restaurant workers for keeping us fed. While restaurants might not allow dine-in, they are doing curbside, take-out, and deliveries.  We have garbagemen picking up all of our trash from our homes, which we all know is more than usual because we are homebound. Public transportation is still running, making sure that we can get to the store for food, and those essential workers can get to work.

We also want to salute our entire team here at Intivix and other MSPs supporting their own clients. The Intivix team has and continues to truly step up and go above and beyond, helping our client’s transition to a fully remote workforce.  It is awesome to see the entire team pull together during this time.

If you know someone that works in any of these areas, stop and tell them thank you for all they are doing.