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Want To Drive Your Auto Sales?

Rely On A Bay Area IT Provider Who Understands The CRMs Dealers Use

Minor frustrations and significant downtimes with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs can put the brakes on your auto dealership’s revenue. You can’t afford this if you want to compete with other auto retailers in the Bay Area. What you need is an IT Services Partner that can help you troubleshoot CRM issues quickly and effectively. Intivix has the knowledge and experience to do this.

There are many CRM solutions for auto retailing. An effective CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a great tool to help you get the customers you need to meet quotas. It enables you to manage lists of prospects and turn them into leads. And when you gain customers from your hard work, your CRM will help you ensure they receive the service they are seeking. All of this makes your brand trustworthy and drives your success.

What Are Some Of The CRMs We Work With?

We know that your dealership has unique needs when it comes to using CRM solutions. That’s why our team is trained to help you resolve any issues you have when using them to drive auto sales. Here is high-level information on some of the CRMs for auto retailers that we often work with.

DealerSocket CRM

DealerSocket is award-winning software that helps you save time and close more deals. You can manage marketing activities, sales processes, customer satisfaction and retention, along with service department operations.

Interact with your customers through mobile and desktop strategies that create a more personalized experience that will boost your dealerships productivity.

DealerSocket CRM provides email and automated marketing templates, follow-up sequences, and lead management tools. It’s a comprehensive solution for any auto marketer’s needs.

VinSolutions MotoSnap Automotive CRM

VinSolutions is another CRM that will fully integrate with your other dealership software programs to give you a single view of your customers. It was designed by auto sales professionals and provides a web-based platform so your team can market to anyone, anywhere. Use its customizable, automated follow-up solution to keep you connected to your leads and customers.

Elead1One CRM

This is an intuitive and award-winning auto dealer CRM. It uses a collection of communication tools to help you to connect with prospects, leads, and customers to keep them engaged and informed.

It’s a web-based system built by automotive professionals that will integrate with your MarketingSales, and Service operations to provide a comprehensive view of your activities.

Reporting tools and analytics help you make informed decisions to grow your dealership. The Elead1One CRM:

  • Is a fast, flexible and easy-to-use car dealer CRM that scales to any size retail operation.
  • Fully integrates text, phone, video, email, direct mail, digital communication channels and online marketing providers.
  • Provides integration with all major DMS and third-party data providers.
  • Tracks, logs, records, and maps all incoming calls, including missed call notifications.
  • Has data-driven reporting metrics to help you make quick and better decisions.
  • Provides monthly product enhancements and updates.

Reynolds and Reynolds

R & R provides innovative software that’s designed to increase auto retailers’ success. Their PC-based CRM solution is a comprehensive, web-based program. It can be built into your retail management system so your entire dealership can use it.

Sync your customer information to keep it accurate and up-to-date, and produce detailed reports to ensure tasks have been completed. Their mobile application, DigiSales™, lets you know what a customer is doing on your lot, so your staff is always ready to help them.

It’s also certified by over 30 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs ) for lead integration and reporting without disrupting your operations. Here are some specifics that Reynold and Reynolds shares:

  • Provides a single point of entry for all data that flows to the Retail Management System.
  • Always has the most up-to-date customer information throughout the system.
  • Effectively manages and enforces your sales process using the DigiSales™ mobile application.
  • Achieves better CSI with results-based scheduling.
  • Accesses your CRM anytime, anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.


Dealertrack Digital Retailing helps you deliver what today’s automotive consumers expect: An accelerated shopping experience that’s efficient, trustworthy and engaging. With it, you’ll have seamless connectivity to your prospects from your website to your showroom and across every aspect of the sale.

It provides a secure and continuous engagement that customers like. You can begin your auto dealing with a secure shopping experience that allows your prospective customers to search by payments, calculate a monthly payment, appraise a trade-in vehicle, apply for financing, and browse F&I products – And they can do this from any device.

Using Dealertrack helps you build the trust you need with consumers which accelerates their purchasing decisions. The MakeMyDeal communication platform keeps you connected to them throughout the sales process.

It provides a direct, one-to-one online connection so you can even finalize terms of a sale before a customer comes to your dealership. Then you can close the deal with a streamlined in-store completion right from your iPad or another tablet.

CDK Global

CDK provides the tools you need to increase customer satisfaction and manage your customer relationships. With it, your dealership can reach out to more people and track leads. CDK says their CRM will help you:

  • Personalize customer communications.
  • Develop effective promotional materials.
  • Analyze customer information and histories.
  • Identify your most profitable customers.
  • Reach customers when and how they want to be reached.
  • Drive new traffic to your shop or website.
  • Gather and assess feedback.
  • Produce direct response campaigns in real-time.
  • Keep more of your current customers.
  • Handle information for more than one location.

Some of the other solutions their CRM Global software includes are:

  • Mobile Capability
  • Digital Marketing
  • CSI Surveys
  • Loyalty Rewards

Dealer Car Search CRM

Your team can use their mobile phones or tablets with Dealer Car Search CRM. They can quickly add Floor UPs, Phone UPs, and Internet UPs into the UP Tracking System.

They can also use their Round Robin Lead Assignment with Text and Email Notification.

Their Driver’s License Scanning Technology lets your salespeople quickly add UPs that automatically become leads they can convert into Electronic Worksheets. It can record a customer’s email address and phone number as a source for advertising and deal tracking purposes. And you can automatically insert website leads into the Dealer Car Search UP Tracking System that can be converted into a Worksheet.

They’ve also added Email Campaigns as a feature to their CRM System. You can easily create professional-looking Email Campaigns and send them to your customers and leads.

No matter which CRM solution you choose, make sure your IT provider can assist with troubleshooting or problem resolution. The Team at Intivix specializes in helping auto dealerships in the Bay Area with all of their IT needs. Contact us to learn more.