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Want To Know How To Create A Meeting Invitation In Skype For Business?

How To Create A Meeting Invitation On Skype for Business?

We’ll show you here. It’s easy and you can do this with just a few clicks.


First, open your Outlook Calendar and go to HOME on the ribbon above.


Outlook automatically loads a JOIN SKYPE MEETING link. This is the link your attendees will click on when it’s time for them to join the meeting.

Skype for Business has additional features for licensing that your attendees can use. They can JOIN BY PHONE with a dial-in number if they can’t join by Skype. For example, if they’re commuting and can’t use their laptop or tablet, they can use their cell phones to call in.

Under APPOINTMENT, set up the invitation as you would any Outlook invitation. Choose your date and time, then write out the actual details for your invitation.

Here’s the final invitation with all of our information completed. We included our attendee, location (this automatically defaults to Skype for Business), subject, start time, end time, and the copy for our invite.

Outlook 2016 keeps track of recent documents. If you need to attach a file, you won’t have to search for it. We’re going to pre-load a meeting attachment so our attendees can review it before the meeting.

To do this, go to the INSERT tab and click ATTACH FILE.

From the drop-down menu, locate the file you want to attach and click on it.

Here it is in the invitation.

That’s it! Now you know how to create a Skype for Business invitation and pre-load an attachment! Easy, right?

Still not convinced that you need Skype for Business? Here’s why.

Skype for Business is an affordable way to stay connected to your teams that aren’t in your office. Microsoft integrated Skype For Business into the Office 365 suite of tools.

With a few clicks, you can communicate via instant messaging, audio, video, or email. No more managing multiple applications. Everything is in one place right from within Microsoft Office 365.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Your Business Will Realize?

It cuts down on the cost of your phone bills and video-conferencing fees. Start-ups and small businesses with tight budgets (really any-sized business) can benefit from using phone calls and video conferencing over the Internet. Skype for Business can replace and consolidate your expensive, on-premise PBX telephony and third-party communication tools. You can also eliminate expensive PBX hardware and let the Microsoft data centers do all the work for you.

Skype for Business is easy to use and you can integrate your Outlook contacts easily. All you have to do is hover over your contact in Outlook and select the call or IM button. You can also see if the person you want to contact is busy or available. And if you’re already in a Skype for Business meeting, you can easily bring in another attendee with just a few clicks.

Skype video conferencing is the most-used feature. It’s so easy to set up a phone or video meeting or attend one. Set up impromptu meetings and see who’s available.

You can record your meetings. They’re recorded in HD. Archive them and refer to them later. Or, if a particular person couldn’t attend, they can access the recording later to see what they missed. You can also send copies to your teams in OneNote and include additional tasks or notes. Use the whiteboard feature to capture notes during the meeting that your attendees can view.

Skype for Business is portable. You can access Skype from your cell phone or any computer device that has a Wi-Fi signal. It makes working from anywhere and staying productive easy. You’ll no longer need to worry about staying connected when you’re away from the office.

Skype for Business is secure. Skype for Business is highly secure. It utilizes an Intelligent Instant Message Filter that protects your network and the Microsoft network.

You can use Skype for Business from within an Office 365 document. There’s no need to close down the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document you’re working on. You can communicate with others right from your file. And you can collaborate while making real-time edits to a document. With Modern Voice/Cloud PBX services, you can make, receive, and transfer calls from any location.

Skype with thousands of other attendees. Skype Meeting Broadcast lets you reach out to thousands of participants. You can hold training for all of your employees anywhere they have a Wi-Fi connection. No more calling up a video-conferencing service and plugging in special numbers. It’s all right there in your employees’ computer devices ready to access.

Microsoft’s Skype for Business also includes an enterprise-level solution that’s even affordable for small businesses. It provides some great tools to help you improve your communications with any group of people – your coworkers, clients, and teams. It’s a great option for businesses with teams on the road to help bring them together wherever they are.

These are only a few of the benefits that Skype for Business can bring. It offers a host of ways to improve your business operations.