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Watch Your Company Benefit from Security Training

In this day and age, businesses are often the focus of attack by ambitious criminals seeking to get their hands on sensitive company information through unscrupulous methods. Over the past few decades, billions of dollars have been lost by individuals and corporations alike in these types of cyberattacks. Fortunately, there are some things which can be done to deter, dissuade, or outright prevent these attacks from being successful.

Know What to Look for in Email Attacks.

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more clever in their attempts to get sensitive information. Recently, an insurance organization was the target of a highly specialized and focused attack where the criminals found both the names AND email addresses of the company’s employees, then created a fake email address to make it look as though they were the vice president of the company. An email was sent from this address to one of the bookkeepers requesting payment information. It was only by the bookkeeper’s keen eye of the one letter discrepancy in the email address that the company’s payment information did not go out. It is imperative your employees are educated to do the same.

Make Sure No Hole Goes Unplugged.

Every security system has its weak points. Rather than attempting to construct the perfect network security system, it’s more logical to identify the existing weak points, and address them in order to make your system more secure. Individually, there are many things employees can do in order to reduce risk and keep unwanted visitors out of your network. By acting as a team and supporting each other in the effort, your network security can be strengthened well beyond acceptable parameters.

Seek Professional Security Training.

As attentive as you may be, without the proper training, you’re just taking your best guess. Think of it this way: when it became time for you learn to drive a car, did you only study the manual and try to stay as attentive on the road as possible? Of course not. You took a driver’s education course and learned the best practices from the experts. Call Intivix a call at 415-543-1033 ext. 105, and we’ll take care of your company security training needs. Remember: the greatest defense of all is prevention.