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4 Things Web Security Protects You From

Web security is a critical component to your company’s web presence, integrity, and reputation among clients. In addition, web security is designed to protect you from any and all potential threats and preserve your business website, along with the data within it.

Without proper measures in place, your website can be a sitting duck for cyber attacks. Well-developed web security protects you against four major threats:

Cyber Criminals

Web security is designed to protect you against cybercrime. It works to identify and address any vulnerabilities where a malicious attack could be launched against you.

Determined and talented hackers can even breach networks with security systems in place. Most businesses underestimate their own digital weaknesses and can be sitting ducks for an attack. Thereby, it’s your responsibility to ensure the network security protocols are strong enough to deter would-be cyber intruders.


A sufficient web security system also safeguards your business against of out-of-date programs and web technologies opening a backdoor for hackers. Continuous monitoring allows your IT consultant to stay on top of updates and to ensure your website is as shielded as possible from potential threats.

In the continuously changing online world, things which may have been perfectly secure yesterday may very well now be vulnerable today. You can avoid obsolete protections and keep your website as safe as possible by using a web security system which offers continuous monitoring.

User Error

Web security can help you combat simple user errors such as employee accounts with weak passwords, or accidentally opening an email infested with malware. Employee training on best standards and web safety can help to better protect your website, as well as your business, from a more serious attack.

Your Repute

More often than not, your website is the first contact your potential clients have with you. It’s the digital billboard for your company, and when it is not secure, important business relationships can easily be compromised.

Even one security breach can act as a deathblow to a company. A serious data breach can not only ruin your rapport with clients, it can also severely damage your reputations with future clients. Web security helps to ensure that reputation remains intact, as well as your trustworthiness and personal relationship with clients.

Intivix Can Grant You Web Security

The web security of your business is one aspect which can absolutely not be neglected. Give Intivix a call, and we will work with you to create the strongest, most effective web security system available.