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What’s Coming in iOS13

The anticipation for Apple’s new iOS 13 is mounting as the fall release nears.

Every update comes with a bevy of new features, and this one is no different. iOS 13 includes a dark mode, advanced video editing, and 3D maps in this update. But, we’re most excited about the handful of privacy tools Apple included here.

IOS 13 empowers consumers to control who is viewing their data and who is tracking them. Now, apps will no longer be able to track users without their knowledge, and they’ll get reminders about apps that are watching.

Apple Knowledge

You know what they say, knowledge is power!

Plus, there’s the bonus of allowing apps access to your location “Just Once,” instead of “Always,” “Never,” or “While Using,” as was previously the case.

Less tracking of your location means there is less of your data these apps can store. And we say the less, the better.

Even though apps won’t be able to track your location as easily as before, users will be better able to track their lost devices even when those devices are offline.

Find My allows you to locate your friends and lost devices even when they’re offline. By broadcasting its location using Bluetooth that is “securely uploaded to Apple’s servers,” Apple can ping nearby cellular-connected iPhones. The location data is “cryptographically scrambled and anonymized” to prevent anyone else from accessing it except yourself and Apple.

It’s a win-win for everybody.

Apple Offerings

Apple is also offering a new way to sign-in to apps without the need to provide private information. Instead of using a personal email address, users can choose a private “relay” email generated by Apple.

Apple’s new sign-in option means emails that apps want to send – typically those spammy ones that everyone hates will go to the Apple-generated email address. If those emails begin to get annoying, users can disable this app email address. It’s that simple!

Speaking of spam, one of the most needed features – the silencing of unknown callers – will provide some relief from the endless buzz of robocalls. (Honestly, who talks on the phone anymore?)

By silencing unknown callers, users can send spammers straight to voicemail. All you need to do is go to Settings and click Silence Unknown Callers.

Lastly, our favorite new feature – which will be a thorn in the side of marketers and a win for the rest of us – enables enhanced anti-tracking features in Safari. Users can now choose to disable cross-site tracking and “browser fingerprinting.”

Without the ability to track users’ web activity, there will be fewer, “Hey, I was searching this product earlier, and an ad for it popped up in my newsfeed,” kind of moments.

We are relieved to see Apple shift towards higher levels of security and privacy, and we hope you’re able to use this new update to its fullest potential!