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Who and Where in the World is Kraig?

Have you ever begun a conversation with someone and, after a few minutes, felt like you were in the middle of a conversation with a friend that you’ve known for years? That’s the feeling you’ll get when you have a conversation with Kraig Kluba, Partner and Account Manager at Intivix.

Kraig has been with Intivix for over three years, and in that time has really settled into his dual position. As a Partner, he helps provide direction for the company with a focus on growth and company culture. And the culture component is a big one because he knows what a strong culture means to the success of a business, and that of the business’ clients.

As an Account Manager, he has the opportunity to support a few large clients in the East Bay area and also supports business development efforts. But you won’t experience a hard sales approach with Kraig.  It’s not his style, and it’s not how he approaches business. Rather, he focuses on what the client needs – not too much and certainly not too little. His goal is to find the right size IT consulting, cybersecurity or strategic IT service that the business needs. And he does this by asking questions and by constantly learning.

Avid Reader

Kraig is an avid reader. Emphasis on avid. He is frequently reading articles on the top tech trends and insights. Partly because he is a tech junkie and wants to know everything he can, but also because he shares this knowledge with his clients and prospects. His current interest is the Internet of Things (IoT) and the security, or lack thereof, associated with it. IoT is very prevalent in our lives, and in the country, and most don’t even realize it. If you have a chat with Kraig, you’ll learn that smart TV’s are collecting data on us every time we watch, and that data is being transmitted back to an organization. That opens up a potential security risk for your home because it could be commandeered by a hack. But this isn’t the information that he keeps to himself. No, he shares it with clients, prospects, family, and friends because he wants to help them protect themselves.

His reading interest isn’t solely tech-related, however. He also dives into articles and insights that help support his role at Intivix and enjoys a good mystery book as well. Okay, perhaps a few mystery books as he has quite a few favorite authors. James Paterson, Iris Johansen, and David Baldacci to name a few. His love of reading isn’t too surprising though, his Mom loves to read as well.

When he’s not checking into the latest tech trend or immersed in a good book, you might find him gardening with his wife, Shawn. He considers himself the muscle of their gardening adventures, which means he mans the shovel. He and his wife have been married for 29 years and will be celebrating 30 years of marriage next year. Together they have one son, aged 27, who lives nearby with his wife. Kraig and his son still enjoy the quality time together by playing golf at a local course, which has been a pastime they’ve enjoyed for years, or they’ll engage in a bocce ball game. Bocce is more of a recent interest of theirs, so they are learning along the way.

Walking, hiking and biking also top Kraig’s list of enjoyable things to do. It’s the outdoors, enjoyment of exercise, and the need to hit 10,000 steps per day that he likes. Curious as to how many steps in the past 18 months? Well, it’s just about 5,742,000. Yep, he and his wife are definitely walkers! And, in the winter months, they enjoy downhill skiing. Bunny hill or a slightly more advanced slope, he’s game for either one.

The Joy of Traveling

They also enjoy traveling, but you won’t find them heading to a popular tourist location. They like to head off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the culture of where they travel. They’ve been to Cuba and the Yucatán region, and he lived in Europe and Japan for a bit. The next stop is still up in the air, but a few of their interests include Vietnam, Cambodia, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, and South America. Ask Kraig as he gets closer to his 30th wedding anniversary in June, he might have a place in mind!

Kraig has a calming personality that will put you right at ease. And because of this, his client approach won’t come as a shock. He focuses on being a business advisor that looks for the right solution for your business. Similar to how a good friend or perfect partnership would.