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Why a Small Business Should Consider Office 365 Migration

With cloud storage and service increasing in the corporate world, you may be wondering if it is right for your small business. Office 365 by Microsoft supplies productivity software and related services to its clients. It includes Office apps on OS X and Windows, and gives storage space on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Plans that include social networking and e-mail for businesses through various servers are available, along with access to Office software. While this sounds great for a big company, what about the little guy? As it has been increasing in popularity, here are a few reasons why a small business should consider Office 365 migration.


Reduce Costs

Office 365 is an online solution that is subscription-based monthly. This means that the owner of the business saves money on the large costs incurred by software and hardware updates. The client instead simply pays a monthly subscription fee, which is based on the number of users it needs. Small businesses may only have to pay up to $15.00 a month per user.


Quick Disaster Recovery 

Occasionally we suffer a natural disaster, power outage or fire. If something like this happens, all a company needs is an Internet connection to access important data. Files in SharePoint along with emails are accessible at all times to everyone in the company.


Increased Security

Office 365 is a very secure platform that Microsoft has developed. Microsoft continuously and rigorously audits and updates Office 365 to ensure the best security possible. Unauthorized access to the critical database and applications are protected well by restricted user logins as well as the latest in anti-virus and anti-malware to guard against the worst Trojan, malware program or virus that tries to infiltrate the system.


More Mobility

If any reason to consider Office 365 for your small business, this is one of its greatest benefits. By moving to the cloud your company has incredible mobility. Files and applications are available to most users in the company who have an Internet connection. Use Office-on-Demand to simply log-in and take advantage of online streaming format of the user’s important applications, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Whenever the user’s session is complete, Office-on-Demand ends, and it is totally independent of the user account that comes with the selected package and its procured license.


Fantastic Reliability

A quarterly global maintenance uptime of almost 100% is what Office 365 has been achieving. This means that users can be totally confidant that if there is ever any type of downtime that affects their business, Microsoft will compensate them appropriately for their losses. This confidence in their solution can assure users that the platform is quite solid.


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