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Choosing the right technology partner is critical to your business success.

There are many out there vying for your computing dollar, and it’s very difficult to determine just which one is the right fit.  When searching for the best company to provide IT support in San Francisco, it helps to have an IT checklist in mind of “must-haves” for your business. This can help you to streamline the process and eliminate companies that aren’t right for you.

Just what should be on this checklist?  Why should you choose Intivix as your computer services partner?’

Here are some benefits the professional computer support team of Intivix can offer you.

Our Focus is the Customer

  • Service Beyond Compare–The IT support specialist team at Intivix is committed to providing you with world-class service.  You can count on us to respond quickly to your needs.  But more than that, our personable and reliable staff work proactively, so there is never a need for reactive action to IT problems.
  • Comprehensive IT Solutions—The technology professionals at Intivix pride themselves on being able to offer you service in any area of business IT computing.  Whatever your IT needs, we’ve got the IT specialists in place to handle it.
  • Experienced IT Staff—The professional computer support staff at Intivix have the knowledge and training to work across a broad spectrum of industries.  We are committed to ongoing and continuing education, so our staff is always on top of the latest industry trends and technology solutions.
  • Excellent, Reliable Communication—Communication is the bedrock of any good business.  The Intivix IT support team takes the time to break “IT speak” into language that is manageable for those involved with technology as well as those who are not.  No more getting lost in “techie talk.”  We make technology user-friendly, and we provide follow-up and support to make certain everything is functioning for you as it ought to.

Our Culture and Spirit

A company is only as good as the people it employs.  They represent your company to the world.   Intivix, the best IT support in San Francisco, takes hiring the right professional computer support personnel very seriously.  We don’t just hire anyone—we are looking for people with something special to offer.

While an excellent technical background is a must for employment with Intivix, we are also equally interested in people who display exceptional customer service skills.  Superior communication and going the extra mile in their workload are hallmarks of Intivix computer services specialists.  That is the kind of employeewe hire. Every detail counts; no matter how small it may seem.

When you hire Intivix, you hire a group of people that take IT support in San Francisco very seriously.  You’re not just a faceless name and number to us.  Your success is our success, and we are committed to helping you meet your goals.  We are not content to just improve—we want to see you shine!

Our Core Values

Technology companies sometimes get it wrong.  Because we deal with technology day in and day out, it can become easy to forget that the computers are not what is truly important.  Computers are only as strong as the people operating them.

The computer services professionals of Intivix focus on helping people, and by helping people, performance naturally improves.  If you are reading this page, you want IT support in San Francisco that exceeds expectations, a team that believes in working side-by-side in the trenches with your employees – striving daily for refinement and improvement.  There is always room for growth.  We find the areas ready for change and chart the roadmap to get you there.

Our core values are simple.

We believe that if you put people first, anything can be accomplished.

Our Goal – To Be an Indispensable Resource

We want to be the IT support service team that you cannot imagine how you ever lived without!  How do we do this?  We help our clients reach their goals and exceed their expectations.  Your goals are our goals.  Many computer services professionals promise big ,but fall short on delivery.  With professional computersupport from Intivix, you receive a promise that you can count on.

Our Outstanding Array of Services

The boys are separated from the men by the services they can offer their valued customers and how they deliver those services.  Intivix is leading the pack of IT support providers in San Francisco and offers comprehensive IT solutions for all business sectors.

Check out some of our more popular computer services!

  • Cloud Servers, Hosting & Private Cloud
  • Security and Auditing
  • Office 365 and Google for Work
  • Single Sign-on
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Planning
  • MyWorkDrive
  • Network Design
  • Network Support
  • PC & Mac Support
  • Mobile & Tablet Support

Whatever your business IT needs, Intivix will deliver.

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