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Windows 8 Tablets Vs. iPad

The iPad has been on the market for a long time now, and it is has yet to have a true rival. Now that Microsoft has released Windows 8, there is going to be some big time competition. When it comes to using a tablet, Windows 8 tablets may offer more functional options, and it may be the first tablet on the market to really compete with Apple’s iPad.

Windows 8 Tablet: More Options

When it comes to using a tablet, Apple has paved the way. The iPad was the first tablet that was widely available. Now other companies have had a chance to add their own improvements and build on Apple’s ideas. Microsoft has really hit the ball out of the park with their Windows 8 tablets. Initially, one of the biggest improvements is that their tablet has a USB port. This may not seem like a big deal, but this is what a USB can do for tablet users:

  • Users can download photos taken with the tablet
  • Add or access files that are on the tablet
  • Plug in a keyboard or mouse
  • Utilize storage such as a flash drive or external hard drive


Better for Business

The iPad is famous for the apps that you can download and play, but one major oversight is that it does not come with applications that are good for word processing. The iPad requires you to download an app of your choosing to open documents, share and edit them. Windows 8 tablets come with software that allows you to view your own files. This is extremely important for business minded users, and may make the tablet running Windows 8 more useful for business activities.

More Bang For Your Buck

Most Windows 8 Tablets come with a smaller price tag than the iPad. Here are some exciting perks that are not available on the iPad:

  • Windows 8 is more customizable than the iPad.
  • Windows 8 tablets allow you to see two apps running at the same time on one screen
  • Windows 8 tablet keyboards can be resized according to the size of your hands
  • Windows 8 tablets offer more search options

Tablets Running Windows 8 are the New Laptop

It is not easy for a user to try and replace a laptop with an iPad. This is because it is not easy to use word processing, excel and other programs. You cannot hook up a keyboard, so it can be hard to write emails. The Windows 8 tablet will easily replace a laptop. Users will also be able to print more easily. The iPad is only able to print to wireless printers. The Windows 8 tablet can be connected to any device with a USB port, which includes printers.