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My Work Drive

Why MyWorkDrive

MyWorkDrive gives your enterprise secure file share access without VPN using your Windows File Shares & Active Directory infrastructure.  Remotely edit and share files simply and securely.  No Vendor lock-in, No syncing or migrating to a cloud needed.

Secure Remote File Access to your own storage

MyWorkDrive lets you add cloud functionality to your own file server shares.

  • No SQL Databases to manage, backup or license
  • Publish windows file shares using active directory out of the box
  • No migrating files or backups to new systems
  • 100% Native Windows File Share and NTFS Security integration
  • Works side by side with your existing mapped network drives

Reduce VPN Support costs by 50% or more

Eliminate VPN support costs and security risks for file share remote access with our easy to use Web File Manager, Mapped Drive or Mobile apps  Learn more..