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Yet Another Scam Makes Its Rounds…

In the past few years, a multitude of scams have been popping up and targeting everyone – from small businesses to large corporations. One of the more common scams we’ve seen is known as a domain name scam, which involves sending domain owners an email claiming that another company has attempted to register multiple domains with them containing targeted keywords that are imported to the victim.

More often than not, the domains will be very similar to the victim’s domains, prompting them to purchase the domains first to avoid trademark infringement. If the victim agrees, the scammer will purchase the domains immediately and sell them back to the victim for a few hundred dollars each.

Intivix has recently come across this scam as it’s becoming more and more common lately. Here’s a screenshot of the email we received:

If you’re concerned about purchasing domains relevant to your trademark but you’re not sure how to start, call us at (415)-549-9681 or email us at [email protected] We’d rather help you through the process than see you fall victim to yet another scam making its rounds. Please don’t be tempted by these domain registration scam attempts.