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Black Friday Deals – Best Buy

Black Friday deals seem like they begin earlier every year. Most of the bigger retailers don’t even wait until Friday to roll out the specials on big-ticket or most wanted items. We are here to offer you some insight into this year’s tech deals. Whether it’s about a new 4K TV or how to get […]

TAX BREAK ALERT: Exclusive Info for Business Owners

Strategic Deductions: How the Section 179 Tax Code Saves Business Dollars Cutting overhead costs is critical to remaining strategic in a fast-moving, highly competitive business environment. However, no business wants to make cuts to critical business resources. More and more, business owners are looking for the small and strategic ways to reduce cost without having […]

iPhone X Makes Waves with Users

Getting Used to Apple’s Big Feature Changes As usual, the most recently unveiled product from Apple has been making big waves across the tech community. The iPhone X is filled with dynamic new features that Apple lovers have been celebrating widely. However, also making news is the annoying feature changes that iPhone X users are […]

Warning: Dangerous New Ransomware Attacks

GIBON is a new type of ransomware that first emerged on the scene last week and has since been utilized in a wide range of cyber-attacks. The main way this GIBON-variant is spread is by malspam with an attached malicious document, which contain macros that will download and install the ransomware on a computer. This means that through […]

Unveiling the Workspace of the Future: Is Your Business Positioned to Prosper for Years to Come?

Over the last few decades, technology has helped business owners of all kinds make giant strides. Whether it’s better serving clients, optimizing internal processes or driving increased profit margins, there’s no denying technology has played a key role in the redefining of the modern business landscape. As technology continues to evolve, it is playing an […]

Have you heard of Bad Rabbit?

Get to Know the Fast-Spreading Malware Threat Before It Gets to Know You Earlier this year, a ransomware variant called Petya spread across North America hitting corporate giants like Merck and FedEx. The virus is so serious that some affected companies were faced with the fact that their data was simply not recoverable. In fact, […]

All You Need to Know About WiFi Krack Attacks

Krack Attacks:  You use WPA2 to access the internet every day, and you could be vulnerable to a Krack Attack.   Virtually all modern WiFi networks employ WPA2 as a security protocol.  A couple of months ago, a security researcher named Mathy Vanhoef discovered an existing vulnerability in all WPA2 WiFi network connections.  He called this vulnerability […]

Have You Been “KRACKed?”  Important–Read On!

KRACK is a bug that can affect any device with Wi-Fi capabilities. However, the news isn’t all bad. There are silver linings that come from any catastrophe.   Cybercriminals are trying to get your devices “hooked on” KRACK (the Key Reinstallation Attack)–It’s a flaw in the WPA2 protocol, the security used on wireless networks. Since […]

The Challenges and Strategies Behind Digital Business Transformation  

Organizations everywhere are looking to technology leaders to deliver a digital strategy that drives business growth.  See how transformative change can help your company succeed both now and in the future.   Organizations of all sizes throughout the world are united in a conversation around a single topic:  digital business transformation.  While it may mean […]

Social Media 101: LinkedIn Replicating Snapchat?

Jazz Up Boring Convention Photos with Snapchat-Style Filters from LinkedIn LinkedIn has long been the bastion of boring, in a way — with professional networking being the main order of business.  Will the new geofilters add a spicy layer to the social media giant? There just may be a better reason to download the LinkedIn […]