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Here is a breakdown of the new video service called Microsoft Stream. It has a lot of potential as a video streaming service for businesses. The role of video in the modern world of business cannot be ignored. In most modern workplaces, video allows for the efficient sharing of information and the training and educating […]

Microsoft recently unveiled a mobile version of their Planner app. Here is a breakdown of what is contained in the app and what could be expected in future.   Microsoft recently announced their Microsoft Planner app would be available for the Android and the iPhone. People who already have the web Planner app can use […]

This is a simple breakdown of the new ransomware attacks spreading globally. The attack is quite different to anything that has been spread in the past. The intention may not even be money.   Recently, a new and viral malware has been spreading throughout Europe. News organizations such as the Washington Post and The New […]

Don’t let a phishing spear take your automotive dealership down. Make sure your employees know that cyber attacks lurk in email and social media, too. Back when cyber security was in its infancy, IT departments regularly warned employees against the dangers of clicking on links in an email address from an unknown sender. While most […]

Reports have begun to pour in regarding a new ransomware infection currently wreaking havoc in Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, and several other countries. This highly sophisticated Russian strain is known as Petya or Petrwrap, and it has been advancing on a scale comparable to the recent WannaCry ransomware infection. However, unlike WannaCry, this strain lacks […]