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Most business owners are cognizant of the prevalence of fraud in the digital world today. According to Experian’s Global Fraud and Identity Report 2018, almost three-quarters of businesses believe fraud is a growing concern, and nearly two-thirds reported fraudulent losses over the past year. What is Fraud? Fraud occurs when an individuals’ payment information is […]

Dangerous cyberattacks have been released by a group of hackers known as The Shadow Brokers. These exploits will lock up your data for good – no ransom, no return. But this isn’t all they do – they’ll also leave behind a parasite that lets them “hang out” inside your computer, infect others, and re-enter through a […]

You want positive and profitable web traffic coming to your website. You also want to surf the internet unharmed and untouched by an intruder. But along the way, each of us has encountered malicious web traffic. Sometimes so bad it shuts our sites down, freezes our computers and infects our entire network, all due to an unexpected, but malicious Malware attack.

NIST has recently released a quick start guide that outlines the procedures used to place test data on a mobile device by forensics experts during an investigation. In many criminal cases, the authorities can gain valuable information by examining smartphones, computers, and tablets belonging to those involved. The NIST guide provides important directions, guidance, and […]