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How can a moustache help change the face of men’s health? By opening up conversations. Come on, admit it. You see a friend, colleague, or family member growing a handlebar moustache, and it causes you to ask…why? And it begins. The discussion and support for #Movember comes out, along with the story of why. And […]

Typically, we like to feature an Intivix employee on our blog each month. It’s our way of helping our clients and prospective clients learn new things about our employees. Things that you may not get to learn when working with them in a professional setting. This month, we decided to change things up a bit. […]

The group that attended the ICSEvent was primarily made up of business owners, decision-makers, and a few HR members. After the educational sessions, they all had the opportunity to pick each other’s brains and chat about their own security procedures, or what they enjoyed most about dinner. And, networking with others is always a great way to learn – oh yes, we snuck an educational component in here too!

Keeping kids safe in the land of technology is important and necessary. More and more kids are going online, and unfortunately, more and more hackers and predators are also going online to go after children. This isn’t a scare tactic.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with the people in your life. Share a post and update your friends and family on your kid’s first day of school, how work is going, or where you’re moving, in an instant. We get it. We use social media. You probably found this article on […]