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Ah technology. It’s great isn’t it? It helps businesses, large and small, run efficiently which means their customers get what they need faster. And on a personal side, technology puts information at our fingertips…or shares information with just the sound of our voice. Ah, technology. We really do love it. Except when it starts to […]

Let me guess.  You’ve already been bombarded with endless posts, sales, ads, tweets emails, pop-ups and more about Spring Cleaning. But I promise this one is different! Yeah, right. Well, it is to me. And hopefully to you. I’ll start with how hard it was to write this article. Like a responsible writer. I actually […]

Should you worry? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY! Even that non-word is likely harder to crack than most passwords out there.  Guess what. I plead guilty.  No ifs, ands, birthdays, and pet names about it.  After digging into this topic, I have vowed to change my immensely foolish password ways. FAST. As you may already know, your passwords are […]

Founded in 1996, Intivix is a one-stop shop serving the IT needs of small and medium-size business clients around the San Francisco Bay area. We take great pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations and building very close, long-term relationships with our clients. We are pleased with our recognition by Clutch as one of the top […]

Meet David Hathaway. You may already have. If you’ve ever called or opened a job ticket with our Help Desk, David might have answered your call. He’s just one of our superstars in our Corvallis office. David is the calm in the storm. With a cool, steady, “I’ve got this” demeanor that leaves clients with […]